this is just craziness.
the title is just random, don't mind it.

- well, MAMA was just 2 days ago, 21 nov was pretty quick.
- so, 2NE1, GD and 2pm won the best 3 awards... (cuz SME boycotted this event)
- the bracketed part is somewhat true, to me... cuz it's like, if SME didn't boycot MAMA, then i think the 3 awards would be all SME's
- well, SME have Suju, DBSK, SNSD, SHINee, f(x)...

- i'm not actually saying that 2NE1, GD and 2pm are not good, is just that the ACTUAL 'Song of the Year' may not be 2NE1's 'I Don't Care'. it could be Suju's 'Sorry Sorry', 'It's You', SNSD's 'Gee', 'Tell Me Your Wish', SHINee's 'Ring Ding Dong'...
- and the 'Best Artiste of the Year'... i don't know, seriously... cuz i'm not a Hottest, or maybe i barely like listen to their songs, unlike Bigbang and Suju.
- and 'Best Album of the Year'. about this, if it's based on the number of albums sold, then GD might be the actual actual person that won this award. but the thing is, it's rated R (dunno what is it stand for, should be 19+) so... don't know about this too.

maybe i'm biased (unknowingly myself) in some ways. but i already predicted that Bigbang (as a group) would nvr get this award. cuz they didn't even released a Korean album this year... DBSK too.
well, just hope that SNSD, SHINee, Bigbang would win something next year((:
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sry for not blogging for DAYS AND DAYS... cuz i was busy playing Pokemon and Neopets (and not homework) ><

let's start with last friday o.o
so, went to sch for Haig Girls' Initiative for CIP :D some of those small pri sch kids are really enthu, or maybe a little too bit enthu... so i was grouped with Janice and Qian Hui and Sarah to teach origami to the pri sch Brownies... there was 4 groups. teaching them is... not that bad. after doing 2 groups, kinda frustrating. but anyways, i got 4 more CIP hours(:

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were boring as per normal, playing Pokemon and Neopets like crazy...

and so...
today, i watched Fairy Tail ep6, FO ep69 and some Inkigayo performances.

Fairy Tail: Fighting has (kind of) started. yay!!!

FO: hmm, pretty hilarious, love the part about morning chores(: and breakfast preparation.
HJW69.RSSFO.4x10 (Ha Jiwon Epsiode 69.RamenSoupSubs Family Outing.Part 4/10)


Inkigayo: Taeyang's Wedding Dress, Where U At. don't really like Wedding Dress though... but the dance was so cool!!
SHINee's Ring Ding Dong... weird without Onew... and Jonghyun's outfit was... ahem.

well, there's Guides tmr... for CCA PROMO PREPARATION... omg, do we need so much time to prepare??? well, maybe for gadgets, publicity and souvenir. what about the others??? maybe we will have things to do...

and off the play Neopets... and try do a bit of my homework... currently got really lazy to do them...

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blogger's got a prob today (on my com)... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
update here instead... since i haven't update my LJ for... 9 days, i guess.

so today is the 11th day of the hols... got a little lazy to do homework these few days...


the day before yesterday...
  • watched Fairy Tail.
  • fighting action gonna start soon! YAYS!!!!(:
  • that's why Fairy Tail anime started recently while the manga started around 3 years ago... so there will not be any fillers for Fairy Tail.
  • and watched FO too. well, too bored, you see.

  • 'A Boy' MV was released.
  • it kinda disappointed me.
  • well, cuz it's... animated.
  • i preferred 'Heartbreaker' and 'Breathe' MVs, cuz they sorta linked together, and at the end of the 'Breathe' MV, they showed a small part of 'A Boy' and i thought the MV would be linked from there...

i don't understand a thing from the MV, the only thing i noe is the MV is talking about him and his life(?) not very sure too... the only comment i will say about the MV is '... umm, ok' at 1st reaction, and 2ndly 'ok, unique but sorta weird'...
oh yeah, and i added a clock at the blogger blog... hahaa, from blogPitatto! love it!!
went to explore some sites (aka @ kufufu-no-fu credits' links)
ahahaaa, kinda interesting...

and TOP... has a cute little puppy, called Charlie.
o.o English name, juz like Taeyang's Boss.
anw, i dun think Daesung will ever have a dog... he's scared of dogs (from what i know in FO ep36)
Seungri... i don't know... maybe?
so now Bigbang have 3 cute little puppies now. Boss, Gaho, Charlie.
(but i still think Charlie sounds a bit weird, seriously)

and this site:
I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT FANS ACTUALLY MAKE A FANSITE for YG babies (children/pets that are related to YG artistes) (!!!)
i don't really like doggies/puppies or even pets, for some reason. maybe because is troublesome to handle/raise them...
but i think one of the 2NE1's members the pet is sorta spiky and cute. i find that pet really cool :D

and today...

  • i did some of my science hw and plan to do finish by today :D
  • watched FO again. old episode though... cuz i wanna watch the part about the horse carriage... hehe.
  • plan to read more(:
hols are getting boring... argh.

Beautiful Visage
nth much to post, juz some vids to share!

BIGBANG Sunset Glow

  • [MBC Music Core] -------------- loved the stage set(:
  • [KBS Music Bank] ----------------- liked Taeyang's light blue shiny jacket! LOL @ 2:18. and GD 'pow-ing' those back-up dancers and the rest of the Bigbang members... lol and when Seungri attempts to 'pow' GD back, GD grabbed him by his collar and 'throws' him down... hahahaa. loved the poses at the end(:
  • [SBS Inkigayo] ------------------- remix version. they ran out from the audience there... 'ice-skating' @ 2:19 - 2:25. Daesung 'powed' the back-up dancers and the rest of the Bigbang members instead of GD. and got 'powed' in the end... ahaha. just noticed after he stood up TOP touched his head @ 3:33. LOL.
lolz. actually wanted to find some interesting anime to watch and in the end watch lots of live performances...


Big Bang - Sunset Glow MV [English Subbed/Karaoke]

even Taeyang and GD!!!

oh yeah, i also like this vid too...

Big Bang & 2NE1 - Lollipop Behind The Scenes/Selca [HD+ENG SUBBED]

the Lollipop phone is really interesting... the LED lights attracts me the most...

@0:42 Daesung playing with the horse-like LED light(:
@1:06 Daesung typed in 'Daesung jjiang' i think.
@1:09 - 1:30 GD not picking up TOP hyung's phone. ahahahaaaaaaaaaa!
@1:31 - 1:42 Seungri showing the function for games...
@1:43 - 2:09 GD playing with the camera function... lol, the funny looks(:
@2:14 Taeyang got a pink phone lolz.
@2:17 - 2:38 TOP's example of a clear picture of the characters. ahaha... the 'Ass' word cracked me up... ahhahaaaaaaaaa.
@2:39 - 2:45 GD continuing playing with the camera function.
@2:46 - 2:58 Taeyang singing chorus of 'Lollipop'
@2:59 - 3:26 TOP testing out the 'Secret Light' and camera function. his look with the wide forehead is kinda weird haha.
@3:31 - 3:40 BIGBANG GROUP PHOTO!!

yup and happy hols!!!(:

today is promotion day. NOOO!!! going to be sec2 next year. argh. so damn fast. one year isn't that long after all. and i am not looking forword to next year, or even the end-year hols. there's surely homework, got chinese already. and major project next year. ): and being a senior in Guides isn't easy at all. teaching sec1s are gonna be hard. but think of the good side. at least i don't need to buy bread and water anyone... YAY!!!

and yes, i'm not going to be an 'angel' next year. well, most likely, unless i change my mind.

watched FO for the whole afternoon. 2 episodes only though, and it's one of the older episodes. Jongkook wasn't in FO yet. ep 17&18: DBSK's U-Know Yunho and Xiah Junsu!

Family Outing Ep.17 Yunho+Junsu [Eng Sub] 1/9

Family Outing Ep.18 Yunho+Junsu [Eng Sub] 1/11

loved these 2 eps! one of the best 2 among all the episodes i had watched. i like these 2, partly bcuz Chunhee and Yejin were still there. prefered them over Haejin and Shiyeon. i'm not saying Haejin and Shiyeon are not good, is juz that the producers shouldn't remove the sleep position ranking and replace it with early morning chores games. if the sleep position ranking stayed, i would want to watch FO more. and watching older episodes made me miss the 'Dumb and Dumber brothers', cuz now Jaesuk is usually paired with Haejin...

anyway, ep17 1st. Daesung didn't dare to kish the super large fish. i wouldn't dare too actually, kinda scared of live fish. Chunhee let the fish kissed his cheek, Hyori kissed it on her lips. how daring... and later for dinner preparations, i thought the 'Dumb and Dumber brothers' would go and pick vegetables, but instead, Daesung and Yunho went. both of them were awkward at 1st, but after Daesung taught Yunho how to pick sesame leaves and spring onions with is ridiculous teachings, and digging up sweet potatoes for bribing Hyori and Yejin later in the sleep position ranking, they got closer. Jongshin added seasoning in the stew again... haha.

and holy shit, i didn't know Jaesuk got dumped like... 11 times, and Jongshin 7 times. well, kinda unexpected. and for the IQ one, Yejin's side got tricked and thought Yunho had the lowest IQ level but it was like 200++... and i dun believe that Junsu's IQ is lower Daesung's one... but singers nid not have IQ, as long as they have the talent, ppl would like them(:

ep18. Daesung's and Yunho's sweet potato bribed worked. Daesung got 1st while Yunho got 3rd. Yejin bribe the men with chocolate too, but only Daesung, Yunho, Junsu and Sooro had chocolates. it's obvious that Yejin got 1st, but when they were going back to room, preparing to sleep, Chunhee found more chocolate bars when Yejin said that there was not enough chocolates for all of them. ahaha, but in the end Yejin still got 1st, while Hyori got 'killed' twice.

poor Jaesuk got bullied by Sooro and Jongshin when preparing breakfast. and after breakfast the family play and rolling game... ahaha, hilarious.

wow, this post got so long.
LOL my com got super lag suddenly juz now.

LOL, the lady in red.

loved the stage set! this song is great, but still prefered 'Only look At Me'. hope 'Wedding Dress' is gonna be a really great song too!

what a long post, juz hope that this post doesn't make my blog really lag...

i am insansely bored now. AHH!!!

seriously. bored.

there are no vids to watch, no games on the com to play. so i switched off my com in the evening, which is super super rare of me to do so. actually i dun even feel like blogging. feel like sewing something to gift some1 as a bday present, but i definitely do not have to patience to do so. i need that 'patience'. lolz.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Honey-senpai!!! he doesn't really look like a senpai right? LOL.
(fyi, 'senpai' means 'senior' in jap)

i got freaked out suddenly a senior called me. juz when i'm blogging about Honey-senpai.
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ok, so i totally forgotten about watching some vids and juz rmbed watching when i scrolled my blog all the way down... LOL.

and yes, all 5 parts are up!!!(:

according to order:


only embed Seungri's one cuz i liked this part the most... most interesting among all(:


so tmr's a sch hol! YAYNESS!!(: well, actually found something better to do other than using com. juz that it makes my thumb and index finger pain only...

YUP, and hope all will have a nice day tmr
and good night? (not sleeping yet, duh. anws i took a long nap in the afternoon and i'm wide awake now)

[sry for not posting for days as i always forget to update here. i shall put some post from my blogger to here, but not all...]

So Fresh So Cool!
TAEYANG's YG entertainment website.
a few hours ago, it was still 'coming soon' and i thought it would up by tmr.
and Taeyang's arms scares me... it's so... vein-y.
and isit my com's prob or IE's prob. cuz the webpage got cut.
and Taeyang's 'Where U At' MV released. the song's... ok, but 'Only Look At Me' sounds nicer to me... ok, so the whole thing's in korean so i dun understand anything... but i guess under 'album' it says about Taeyang's new album...
and i didn't know Taeyang's bday was on 18 May... and i went to wikipedia... someone changed Seungri's bday from 12 December to 19 December... lolz... it's supposed to be 12!!!

and i found 2 vids...
a Bigbang CF and Lies...

this CF's kinda old, i think it was a 2007 CF, promoting Hite beer... i find the song quite nice... 'So Fresh So Cool'. Seungri's too young so he couldn't join... GD's hair looks weird, TOP looks cute...


i think this was the 1st 'Lies' performance... and i'm looking for it for a long time... cuz i wanna see how the performance look like without TOP's trademark move... heard when he did his trademark move for 1st time, he was not planned to do that in the performance... lol.

and i heard Bigbang's going to have another Jap digital single... lolz. but i want Korean songs from them... this year they did not have a korean group album.

wow, wrote a whole big chunk about Bigbang(:

ok, so today... some Math Trail at Esplanade/Singapore River. well, students running around the area seems really weird. although it was not that boring, but it was also not that fun... and i think is a waste of time.

well, hope tmr will be a good day... (which probably would not)

well, today's history paper was... not ok. whatever. anw yesterday i already said i got an OMINOUS feeling. lolz. it's over and i can't do anything about it. so, left 3 papers, lit, hcl paper 2 and maths. well, maths, lolz, i dun really think i would do well for that. lit is still ok, chinese, ok too.

was slacking almost the whole day, started doing some maths stuff during evening.

and NOTE: this post is not copied and pasted from blogger. apparently, i can't get in to Blogger or Facebook, how saddening. lol. but at least i still have another blog... MY LIVEJOURNAL. so having 2 blogs isn't that bad afterall.

there isn't any nice vids to watch anymore. yeah, except for FO, but i dun wanna watch ep 66 & 67. lol, juz not interested although the preview seemed funny. both guests (Daesung ain't well enough to film at that time so there was 2 guests) were guests in the previous episodes. really early episodes. ep 20 something. and at that time Chunhee and Yejin was still in FO, i wouldn't want to feel weird watching them in FO again. yeah, and i already gotten used with Haejin and Shiyeon. yeah. so in short, i got utterly no interest in those 2 eps. and it would be a long time later again when i watch FO again... well, maybe i'll watch the one Ha Ji Won's in. lol. maybe...

yup, so glad that Daesung all well already, although not 100% recovered. haha. yeah, and
gtg already bb ppl


well, science is over. not really difficult as i thought.
and history's tmr. juz hope that it doesn't get too difficult. now that i think about it, so far all the papers are... ok/not difficult. ok, maybe eng paper 2 was abit difficult. and i got this very ominous feeling about tmr. lolz. whatever. jiayou can already. (and some good luck too!)


and i manage to have some time watching FO. usually i will watch on sunday, but it was released on youtube yesterday but i didn't check. the subbing team is really fast(: thx ramensoupsubs/ramyunsoup.

ep 65, was ok. ahaha. so, NIGHT GAMES!!! for early moring chores... well, lots of exercising in there. sit-ups, pull-ups, balance + strength, stamina + alertness are all needed to do all these. so the Family was splitted up into 2 groups. Shiyeon team and Hyori team. in the end Shiyeon team lost, but Shiyeon did not need go for morning chores, cuz her ankle was injured. well, and yeah, feel sry for Jaesuk everytime got scolded by Jongkook.

but the morning chores was seems kinda fun. didn't know there was ever such a thing called 'seafood auctioning'. so when the ppl caught their seafood stuff and wanna earn some money, they could go there. so... Jaesuk, Jongshin, Jongkook and Hyunjoong did not know what to do how to auction their seafood. well, but in the end they got a really good price. 78000 won. no idea how much is it in in SGD, but should be a few hundred, since there is like abalone and sea urchins these kind of seafoods.

and breakfast duty. Hyori, Seungri, Hyunjoong, Jongshin. Hyori lost in the 'using your face tobreak the plastic wrap'. and well, must be really pain, esp for Shiyeon. well, dunno how to explain. and their faces look really warped. so breakfast, picking mushrooms in the forest. Jongshin was sad that Seungri and Hyunjoong don't know most of his songs. well, he debuted in 1990, the year when Seungri was born. so Seungri wouldn't know Jongshin's debut song was. lolz. well, and all of them started talking about their debut days. Hyori looked beautiful and innocent in her 20s, in her FinKL days. Seungri didn't say about their REAL concert songs, he started saying from Lies, then Haru Haru. cuz those songs got really really popular. and when Bigbang juz debuted in 2006, SS501, DBSK and Suju was already popular and famous, and only until when Lies came out then Bigbang got really famous. but their older songs are still ok.

well, not really interested in the next 2 eps, cuz i didn't watch past episodes so i wouldn't really understand... ah, at least i get a rest from watching FO.

(Family Outing Ramen Soup Subs. Big Bang Seungri SS501 Hyun Joong. Episode 65. Part 1/10)

credit: ramyunsoup


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